If the problem is psychological, your doctor might suggest therapy. A lack of libido frequently signifies a desire for an intimate but non-sexual connection with your partner. Discussing these problems with a therapist—alone or with your partner—can be helpful. Antidepressants can help if depression is the problem. However, some of them actually reduce your desire for sex.

What about the medications like Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra that you may have seen in TV and magazine advertisements? They do not increase libido. They aid in erection maintenance.

The bottom line: Be aware of your body and communicate your feelings to your doctor. Don’t be reluctant. He will only be able to determine that way whether the issue is mostly physical, psychological, or both.

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Why Does Libido Drop?

numerous things, some of which are physical and others psychological. Sometimes both apply.

reduced testosterone, prescription drugs, insufficient or excessive exercise, alcohol and drug usage are some physical conditions that can result in reduced libido.

Depression, stress, and interpersonal challenges are examples of psychological problems.

In 4 out of 10 males over 45, the testosterone level is low. Although testosterone replacement therapy is still debatable, it is a typical remedy to the issue.

Low libido is a result of many factors. So if you’re concerned that your sex urge has decreased, it’s imperative to speak with your doctor.

What Is The Treatment?

better lifestyle decisions. Enhance your nutrition, engage in regular exercise, obtain enough rest, limit alcohol consumption, and lessen stress.

If the medication you’re taking is impairing your libido, go to a different brand.

Replacement of testosterone Counselling